Our mission

We want to give everyone the opportunity to play like the pros, at a competitive price

About us

Hello! I'm a normal player from Finland who wanted a modded controller. I'm the type who wants to create my own. so I created my own controller which I found to be very good and I want to share this with other players as well.

Are you tired of being limited by your standard PS5 controller? Look no further than our modified PS5 controller with smart triggers and back buttons. Dominate the competition with lightning-fast responses and added precision, thanks to our smart click triggers. The back buttons give you the added advantage of essential functions to your preference, allowing you to execute complicated movements without hesitation.

Our team of experts has designed this controller with your needs in mind. The sleek design and durable construction ensure maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. With this modified PS5 controller, you'll not only look the part, but you'll also outplay the competition. Boost your gaming experience to the highest level with our modified PS5 controller. Order now and experience gaming like never before!