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Modified PS5 DualSense Controller

Modified PS5 DualSense Controller

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Rumble motors

Modified PS5 Controller.

pick your favourite colour from Sony’s original colour map.

The Mouse-click Trigger system

Mouse-click triggers offers a completely different feeling. This system is a must, especially for first-person shooters, in order to be able to shoot and aim faster than your opponents. By the Smart Trigger, you have a button after a very short push of the button. When pressed, it triggers 100% and makes a pleasant click.

Rear Paddles

don't miss a single millisecond in action, be able to control your aim in every situation. 

Remappable Paddles, gives you to custom rear paddles the way you want in just 10 seconds

fixed Rear paddles the default for rear paddles is right side X and left side O. if you have alredy your own preference for certain combination, let me know and i'll do it with the combo you want.

Rumble motor remove

no more vibrations, 75grams lighter, gives more gaming time with one charge.

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